August 17-21 - tentative

St. Joseph Island

Ontario, Canada

2015 | 12th annual

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  • Heritage Canada
  • Ontario Arts Council
  • Trillium Foundation


Family music and dance camp

Fiddle fun at AlgomaTrad

Fiddlers on the green

AlgomaTrad is dedicated to preserving and passing on traditional music, dance, art, and craft that are part of our Canadian culture and heritage. Every August since 2004, we have organized a one-week camp that offers workshops and concerts in traditional music, dance, art and craft at the Algoma Music Camp site on St. Joseph Island in Ontario (not far from Sault Ste. Marie). In 2015, we are changing the venue, length of camp, and general structure for a variety of reasons…but the camp will occur! Details will be forthcoming on this website once they are finalized, and folks who subscribe to our email list will be notified as soon as we can confirm those details.

Whatever the structure it does take, The AlgomaTrad Family Camp will continue to be a community affair for families and individuals  of all ages and abilities featuring musician/artist teachers who are passionate about their music, dance or artisanry. Learn to play or perfect your skills on nearly any trad instrument, dance nightly to called dances, eat fabulous meals featuring locally grown produce, enjoy the outdoors, jam, sing along, draw and much more while making new friends that you’ll keep for life!

O’Schraves in Thessalon April 25; AlgomaTrad Family Dance May 2; + More

oschraves kentucky

The O’Schraves perform at The Stories in the North event, Saturday, April 25 in Thessalon; AlgomaTrad Family Dance, May 2 in Richards Landing; AlgomaTrad@CASS wrap-up; upcoming Just Passing Through concerts in Rishards Landing: CASS hosts fundraiser for Vimy Foundation, April 25; The O’Schraves play the Toronto Country Dancers Double Dance, May 9.

Busy April News from AlgomaTrad and The O’Schraves

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April News from AlgomaTrad and The O’Schraves: Les Poules À Colin and Katie Avery in CBC Searchlight Contest; The O’Schraves in Concert, Central United Methodist Church, Sault Ste. Marie, MI, Sunday, April 12; AlgomaTrad Trivia Fundraiser, Friday, April 17; AlgomaTrad Family Dance, May and 2, 2015; update on the AlgomaTrad 2015 Camp; heads up on May concerts and dances in Southern Ontario for The O’Schraves and the Brian Pickell Band.

AlgomaTrad Trivia Night Fundraiser, April 17 + O’Schraves Concerts in Michigan, March 14, April 12

2014 AlgomaTrad Trivia Night FUN-raiser Winners

AlgomaTrad Trivia Night Fundraiser, April 17 + The O’Schraves Concerts in Petoskey, Michigan, March 14, and in Sault Ste. Marie, MI, April 12

AlgomaTrad @ CASS, Feb 10 – April 21 + Trivia Night Fundraiser Heads-up

oschraves kentucky

AlgomaTrad/The O’Schraves Present 10-week Music Lesson Program at CASS, February 10 to April 21; AlgomaTrad Algoma-&-Other-Cool-Stuff Trivia Night 2015, April 18

Important News about AlgomaTrad 2015 + Dances in Desbarats, January 2 & Chelmsford, January 9,10

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AlgomaTrad Family Dance, Friday, January 2, Desbarats, ON. Chelmsford Fiddlworks hosts a dance weekend, January 9-11, with caller Jean-Francois Berthiaume from Québec; AlgomaTrad Family Camp 2015 news.