August 10-17

St. Joseph Island

Ontario, Canada

2014 | 11th annual

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  • Algoma Music Camp
  • Bon Soo Winter Carnival
  • Heritage Canada
  • Ontario Arts Council
  • Trillium Foundation


Family music and dance camp

Fiddle fun at AlgomaTrad

Fiddlers on the green

AlgomaTrad is dedicated to preserving and passing on traditional music, dance, art, and craft that are part of our Canadian culture and heritage. Every August, we offer a one-week camp that offers workshops and concerts in traditional music, dance, art and craft at the Algoma Music Camp site on St. Joseph Island in Ontario (not far from Sault Ste. Marie). The annual summer camp is a community affair for families and individuals  of all ages and abilities featuring musician/artist teachers who are passionate about their music, dance or artisanry. Learn to play or perfect your skills on nearly any trad instrument, dance nightly to called dances in the great barn, eat fabulous meals featuring locally grown produce, enjoy the outdoors, jam, sing along, draw and much more while making new friends that you’ll keep for life!

AlgomaTrad Family Dances, Sat., Dec. 6 and Fri., Jan. 2

Stan people dancing

AlgomaTrad Family Dances in Richards Landing, Old Town Hall, Saturday, December 6; in Desbarats, ON at the JTCC Hall; and info about Fiddleworks Music and Dance weekend January 9-11, 2015. AlgomaTrad Youth Performers at Moose Tracks Cafe, Tippy Canoe Gallery, Bruce Mines, Saturday, December 13

The O’Schraves and Brian Pickell Band Tours and much, much more

oschraves poster-usa-page-001

The O’Schraves USA tour October 30-November 11; the Brian Pickell Band in Thessalon, Richards Landing, McKellar, and Toronto, November 20 to 23; Chelmsford Fiddleworks Benefit Concert with 2015 Canadian Grand Master Champion Paul Lemelin.

The O’Schraves at the Searchmont Music Festival, September 19 + More News


The O’Schraves perform at the Searchmont Music Festival, Friday, September 19; Zach Schryer Lefebvre is part of the Sylvan Valley Circle Arts Tour, Saturday, September 20; and a new monthly contradance starts up in the West End of Toronto.

Handcrafted Canoe – AlgomaTrad Fundraiser

Canoe built at AlgomaTrad 2010

Hi, all, A 15-foot, Prospector-style, red cedar-strip canoe is being constructed  at AlgomaTrad this year, under the direction of Steve Willoughby who helped AlgomaTrad campers handcraft a similar canoe in 2010. Here is a photo of the first AlgomaTrad canoe, which was made from white pine and was raffled off as part of an AlgomaTrad […]

AlgomaTrad 2014, August 10-17 + Fundraiser Auction, Thursday, August 14

Melanie's Window for Auction

AlgomaTrad 2014, August 10-17 and in-camp Fundraiser Auction, Thursday, August 14