Sarah Gaby-Trotz

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My name is Sarah Gaby-Trotz, and I am the owner of the Herb and Homestead Catering based out of Toronto, Ontario. I am a creative and adaptable chef and caterer with over 15 years of diverse cooking experience. After graduating from George Brown Chef Training in 2003, my path has taken me from running a kitchen at a children’s canoe tripping Camp in Temagami to working as the head chef at a Yoga Retreat center in British Columbia to working as a kitchen manager at a busy cafe on Toronto Island. In the pandemic, I pivoted to creating a frozen meal delivery business, which I have been running since 2020.

 I am passionate about caring for and nourishing people with healthy, beautiful and delicious food. I believe food can fuel not only our bodies, but also build community and friendship, and I value the connections I have made through my work as a chef and caterer. I’m excited to meet and work with the AlgomaTrad community and make some new friends and tasty meals to nourish the week!