Medusa Quartet in Concert, August 8, AlgomaTrad Centre

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Medusa concert poster, featuring the four band members, their and their instruments on a blue background, plus concert detailsAlgomaTrad is delighted to present “Medusa” in concert on Thursday, August 8, 7:30 pm at the AlgomaTrad Centre Pavilion, 1249 F&G Line, St. Joseph Island. Advance tickets are $30 General Admission, $25 Seniors, $20 Students and $5 Children 10 & under, plus HST.

E-transfer payments can be made to – please make sure you specify how many tickets and what kind. Cheques can be made out to AlgomaTrad, 340 McKinnon Side Rd., Desbarats, ON P0R 1E0.

Medusa is performing as part of the AlgomaTrad 2024 Summer Series that features 3 concerts of some of Canada’s finest traditional music groups throughout July and August; tickets for the entire series are available for $90 General Admission, $75 Seniors, $60 Students and $15 Children 10 & under. For a 10% discount, use the discount code “SUMMERSERIES” at checkout.


Wielding a sound that would turn classical music scholars to stone, these four folk musicians are reimagining the Western string quartet.

One of the most misunderstood figures in ancient mythology, Medusa was wrongfully punished and cast out for being the victim of a violent act, but is remembered solely for her frightful ugliness and lithifying gaze. Through their personal narratives of alienation due to racism, sexism, immigration, queerness, and disability, Medusa the band aims to retell this story by bringing back what has been cast out. Marta Solek and Saskia Tomkins resurrect the Suka, the Płock fidel, and the Nyckelharpa  –  near-forgotten traditional folk fiddles with disreputable connotations that were rejected for centuries in their home countries of Poland and Sweden. Instead of a snake-haired Gorgon, they see Medusa as a symbol of vision, power, and inclusivity, and a source of inspiration for anyone who has been denied their true self.

With their Canadian Folk Music Award (CFMA) Nominated debut album, Medusa’s dynamic arrangement style cross-pollinates the sounds of Middle Eastern, Scandinavian, Celtic, Appalachian, and Eastern European music, as well as original tunes, to create something previously unheard. With this debut release, the band connects audiences across dividing lines of culture and identity to reveal the common threads beneath.

Visit the Medusa website to learn more about the band and see videos of their performances. Read on to learn more about each member of the quartet!

Saskia Tomkins – nyckelharpa & fiddle

Capable of making you stomp your feet and cry in the same set, Saskia is responsible for Celt-ifying the hit musical “Come From Away.” She is passionate about passing along folk traditions and injecting them with new life, and is currently composing a fiddle tune for an 80-piece symphony. She has performed with an extensive list of skilled musicians, including her husband Steáfán Hannigan. She has also taught at the AlgomaTrad Family Camp. Learn more about Saskia here.

Marta Sołek – suka, płock fiddle, lyra

Multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, Marta is the first person to hold a Master’s Degree in the Suka, a unique Polish stringed instrument like a fiddle that was played vertically on the knee or hanging from a strap. After traveling to Pakistan to learn fiddle techniques that were forgotten in her home country Poland, she effortlessly blends many folk traditions with her own virtuosic solos. She dreams of having an All-Suka Music School!

Lea Kirstein – cello, viola, fiddle

A powerhouse groover and innovative educator, Lea is the founder of “World on a String” – a Toronto fiddle community that values inclusivity and celebrates different learning styles. She is a master musical arranger, and is currently creating a Fiddle Workbook for students of all brains and abilities. Lea has also shared their extensive knowledge through teaching fiddle and cello at the AlgomaTrad Family Camp. Learn more about Lea and World on a String here.

Georgia Hathaway – fiddle

Georgia is a musician, songwriter, teacher and multi-disciplinary artist. Taking audiences to outer space with their improvisations, Georgia is a master-learner and emoter of music. After traveling to Zanzibar to learn Middle Eastern modes, Georgia continues to study different traditions and find connections between them. Bringing their background in theatre to the band, they dream of re-telling the Medusa myth to people around the world. Learn more about Georgia here.