Johnny Suderman

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Johnny Suderman is a willow basketmaker and hand-craft enthusiast. In early 2018 he found basketry at the intersection of craft, tradition, resilience, horticulture, permaculture, earth connection, and creative self expression. Ever since then he can be found coppicing willow in ditches, along stream banks, collecting sticks, making baskets, and generally just being the keenest basketry sponge you may know. Splicing himself into the timeline of this craft that dates back many thousands of years,  Johnny finds himself in a position where he is eager and able to share in this craft with you. He trusts that that our hands will remember and that together we can peacefully weave ourselves into home here on planet earth. Johnny has taught basketmaking and spoon carving at the Folk Camp in Grafton, Ontario.

Johnny is a descendant of English and German-Speaking Mennonite ancestors living in the traditional territories of the Haudensaunee and Anishnaabeg peoples (‘Paris, Ontario, Canada’).

You can see more of what Johnny has to offer on Instagram “theVillageMaker”.