Welcome to the AlgomaTrad Team, Lindrena and Jeffrey!

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Thanks to grants from the Canada Summer Jobs and Ontario Summer Experience programs, we are happy to welcome Lindrena Newberry and Jeffrey Stevens to the AlgomaTrad Team for the summer and look forward to working with them to create some great programs! Check out their impressions of AlgomaTrad – we think they get it!

Lindrena is a Grade 12 French Immersion student who lives in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

She is passionate about music and plays various instruments including guitar, piano, and saxophone. She enjoys musical theater and has participated in her high school’s productions of Mamma Mia and Willy Wonka. She enjoys spending time outdoors and has participated in Envirothon for 4 years.

Outside of school, Lindrena is a singer-songwriter and hopes to finish recording her material soon. She will be attending Toronto Film School in the fall for the screenwriting program.

Social justice is important to Lindrena. She took a dual credit Social Justice and Equity course at Algoma University in the summer of 2020. Lindrena has attended the AlgomaTrad Family Camp and other AlgomaTrad events in the past, and here are her comments about the organization:

“The impression of the organization that I get from reading and attending events in the past is that AlgomaTrad is a welcoming space. I like that it’s for all ages (especially the family camp week). I enjoy that it’s non-competitive and hands on, which allows AlgomaTrad to be a space for everyone. I believe that the organization is doing everything it can to be a space to gather, be together and build an inclusive community.”

Jeffrey, who has just finished Grade 10 at Central Algoma Secondary School, loves fishing, hunting, and the outdoors and enjoys music and playing hockey. Jeffrey was a volunteer Room Host for the Online AlgomaTrad Trivia Night. Here’s a few impressions that Jeffrey shared with us about AlgomaTrad:

“My impression of Algoma Trad and its mission is that it is all about encouraging the togetherness of people. It seems like bringing people together through music and other heritage arts is AlgomaTrad’s biggest goal. I also get the sense that preserving tradition while integrating new technology is a big part of the mission. When I was looking at the winter/spring online program event I got the impression that it was all about reaching out to people who were isolated and bored. Through the weekly meetings, people had something to look forward to where they could socialize with others while learning something new, keeping them occupied, whether it be an instrument or something else. “