2020 AlgomaTrad Camp Song and Tune

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Click HERE to see the AlgomaTrad 2020 Camp Song “AlgomaTrad in our Hearts”, with the 2020 Camp Tune “The F&G Line”. This epic collaboration started with 36 alumni responding to questions about AlgomaTrad while not knowing what the questions were for. Ian Bell looked at the responses and wrote a chorus, verse, and melody for our camp song, along with a template to help write the lyrics. The lyrics were written by alumni also using the language shared from the responses. Meanwhile Kyle Burghout and James Stephens composed a new reel to go with the song. Guide tracks were recorded for the song and tune, and shared with present and past instructors/performers as well as Camp alumni. Submissions by a huge cast of singers, fiddlers, accompanists, pipers, whistle players, banjo players and more were shaped into a video by Sarah Fleming, with sound engineering by James Stephens.