Steven Biggs

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Steven’s passion for gardening is rooted in over 40 years of growing, a decade as a horticultural educator, and a dozen years writing articles and books on how to grow fun, delicious, and exotic specialty crops. He is a horticulturist, college instructor, broadcaster, speaker, and author. He was recognized by Garden Making magazine as one of the “green gang” of Canadians making a difference in horticulture. Steven’s passion is incorporating edible crops into the landscape to create beautiful, edible landscapes with a long and varied harvest. His own yard includes a driveway straw-bale garden, rooftop kitchen garden, wicking beds, an edible-themed front yard, and fruit plantings.

BOOKS: No Guff Vegetable Gardening, Grow Figs Where You Think You Can’t, Gardening with Emma, Grow Lemons Where You Think You Can’t

ON AIR: Food Garden Life Show