Workshops for Children at the AlgomaTrad Family Camp, 2019

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AlgomaTrad Family Camp offers workshops for all ages and, as a rule, believes in multi- and intergenerational learning – learners are placed in classes at their proficiency level, not by age (unless there is a restriction due to the use of certain kinds of tools). That being said, we do have programming specific to both the 4-7 age group and the 8-12 age group aside from the core music or dance course that a child might be taking. The following are some instructors and their classes that would be suitable to children and their caregivers.

Lea Kirstein

Lea KirsteinFirst Time Fiddle – Light the spark and stoke the fire! Rosin up the bow and saw those strings, we’re going to have a rocking first ever class for raw beginner fiddlers! We’ll learn our first ever tunes, and of course, begin the journey of connecting the songs in our heads and our hearts with what we can DO on the fiddle! Expect to learn by ear, dance, clap, sing, scat, put bow and fingers together, and play a tune or two by the end of the week!

Stephen Cooper – Songs, Games, Dance and Play and Ukulele Class – Stephen is a teacher and musician. Over the last 30 years he has taught all grades from JK to Grade 12 in several provinces and in England. The majority of his career has been at Alpha Alternative School in Toronto, Canada’s first public alternative elementary school. One of the great pleasure’s in Stephens life has been sharing his love of folk music, dance, and games with young people. Songs, Games, Dance and Play is open to children of all ages, and is meant for those too young to go to an instrument class, or don’t have a class to go to. The focus will be on having fun while exploring folk traditions. Some things we will do: read stories, sing together, dance together, learn about instruments, play tag games like British Bulldog, activities like bottle rockets, kite making, magic tricks, paper airplanes, art activities, nature walks, free play. In the Ukulele Class  we will learn the basics of ukulele playing: the names of the uke’s parts, how to hold the instrument, how to strum, how to pluck notes, how to finger chords, and how to play some simple folk songs. We will learn the C chord, the F chord, and if time permits the G chord. This class is suitable for children aged 8 and up. The focus will be on individual skill building and ensemble playing. Part of the class time will be devoted to singing together.

Shifra CooperSong Tales and Singing Circles – Shifra is a Community Artist and Choral Director who grew up immersed in community theatre through Jumblies Theatre, for which her mother, Ruth Howard, is founder and Artistic Director. She is currently Assistant Artistic Director at MABELLEarts in  Toronto. Song Tales –  Bringing stories to life through song, drama, play, and art-making. Meet up and help us create an interactive performance that grows through the week, and weaves together our creative interests. Both periods 2 & 4 will be different, but interrelated – come to one, or both! All ages welcome! Singing Circles – Participatory songs and singing games for little ones, their families – and all ages! We will share songs and stories related to weaving, spinning, gathering and more. Everyone welcome!!

Cate Sandstrom

Cate SandstromIrish Fiddle 1 for Kids – Cate has been attending AlgomaTrad for 14 years and has been a volunteer instructor for the last few. She has been developing her Irish fiddling for years now, learning with some of the foremost Irish fiddlers in her home town of New York City. Cate has a wonderful rapport with children, and will teach young fiddlers, who already have a few tunes under their belts, some of their first Irish tunes.