The AlgomaTrad Tune Project

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We’re embarking on an exciting new project to honor and celebrate AlgomaTrad’s 15th year—and we would love all AlgomaTrad campers, fans, teachers, and musicians to be part of it.

Please send us the names of up to 5 of the most meaningful or favourite tunes you’ve heard, learned, or shared at AlgomaTrad over the years— the tunes that really stand out for you for whatever reasons.  Maybe you learned it in a class, heard it at a jam or a dance or a concert, or maybe you brought it to AlgomaTrad and shared or taught it to others—the important thing is that it endures in your memory.

Along with the name of each tune, it would be helpful to get some other information about each tune and your relationship to it.  Please use the list below to help guide you.

1. Where and when did you first hear the tune?
2. Why is it meaningful to you/why do you love it? (in a couple of sentences)
3. What else do you know about it?—composer, country of origin, who’s recorded it, meter and key, etc.  Anything you know about it.
4. Send a copy of the notated music, if possible
5. Include anything else you want to share about the tune.

And, if you only have the names of the tunes, just send that.

Please send your response to by June 15th (or sooner!).

Thanks so much for being part of this project!