Tree Planting at AlgomaTrad’s Heritage Arts Centre Site!

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Two Tree River as it meanders through the property.

AlgomaTrad has received a grant from the Province of Ontario’s  Great Lakes Guardian Community (GLGC) Fund to re-naturalize the section of the Two Tree River that winds through the home of AlgomaTrad’s future Heritage Arts Centre. The GLGC Fund is offered by the Province to support its ongoing commitment to the protection and restoration of the ecological health of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Basin.

Last fall AlgomaTrad volunteers Melanie Dorscht and Barb Willoughby submitted an application which was successful!  Kudos to Barb and Melanie! The purpose of our project is to improve the water quality and wildlife habitat of the Two Tree River where it runs through the property on the F & G Line.  The river has been accessed by cattle for many, many years, which has led to serious erosion of the river bank.  This project involves: planting native trees and shrubs which will  improve the water quality by repairing the riparian area and stabilizing the river bank surrounding the Two Tree River and installing fencing to keep cattle from grazing by the river.

New Fence with Old Music Camp Barn in the background.

The fence was installed at the end of August by a local contractor and a team of volunteers. On Thursday, September 14, about 50 students from CASS and White Pines traveled to the site to learn how humans and animals impact our environment and to see the damage to the river and its banks.  Kensington Conservancy employee Carter Dorscht was on hand to explain the important work of the Conservancy. The Kensington Conservancy, a local land trust, is a partner in the project.

Tree planting took place on Thursday, September 21 by Central Algoma and White Pines Secondary School high school students and other volunteers. The students received instruction in tree planting techniques from a qualified forester, and planted over 1000 seedlings and saplings. Another 350 shrubs will be planted in the spring of 2018.

We will have another tree planting session on Sunday, October 1, starting at 12:30pm to be followed by a potluck supper.

Students and Volunteers walk down to the Two Tree River for a site visit, September 14.

We welcome anyone who wishes to show up at 1249 F&G Line any time in the afternoon. We have lots of shovels on hand but if you can bring a spade/shovel and or a wheelbarrow that could be helpful.  Contact us at for more info or to let us know. Oh, and if you bring instruments we can have a session afterwards in the dining hall!