Camp: More Info on Blacksmith and Basketry Workshops

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We are very excited to have two amazing artists/craftspeople coming to camp for the Blacksmithing and Basketry workshops, Denis Frechette and Terryl Ryan respectively, who will lead intense all-day every day workshops for 5 days. The following information will give you some idea of what to expect from these workshops.

Heritage Craft Workshop – Blacksmithing and more

This year will be the first year of an ongoing project that will help build a Blacksmith Shop at the proposed Heritage Centre that will carry on for generations. Traditional crafts have always been an important part of AlgomaTrad alongside music, dance and arts, but this project will enable us to develop our own curriculum and and work towards more extensive programming in the future. With your help as a student at the camp, the Heritage Craft workshop offered this year will begin to provide the many tools that will be needed to make this blacksmith shop a reality. AlgomaTrad will supply the materials, knowledge and skill set – registrants will supply the willingness to learn and together we will build a Centre that will keep the traditional crafts alive. So if you have ever wondered how things were made before the machine age, this is an opportunity to get some hands on experience, take away some knowledge and contribute to a great project. Click HERE for a PDF of the course outline for the week. Period 1  –  You are the apprentice, Period 2 – basic tool making, Period 3 – The workbench, Period 4 – The blacksmith bellows, Elective Period  -Tool Maintenance

Basketmaking Workshop

Here are pictures of the five different baskets Terryl is proposing that students can make at this workshop.