AlgomaTrad Tribute to Dan Gorno

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Dan Gorno compressedWe have posted the AlgomaTrad Tribute to Dan Gorno video on the AlgomaTrad YouTube channel. The original video was prepared for AlgomaTrad 2015 under the artistic direction of Emily Tithecott, with footage and photos from the AlgomaTrad archives as well as quotations from the AlgomaTrad community.

The original presentation was accompanied by live music from AlgomaTrad 2015 Staff. The video was recently updated with recorded music as well as additional text with the help of Samantha Giguere, Eli Howard, Julie Schryer, and Benoit Schryer-Lefebvre. Many thanks to the AlgomaTrad community for your many heartfelt contributions to this tribute in acknowledgement and love for Dan Gorno who so embodied the spirit of AlgomaTrad.

We miss him.