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Chelsea Sleep

Born and raised on the densely rain-forested Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Chelsea’s musical upbringing was fostered by the local youth fiddle association, the Coast String Fiddlers. Chelsea grew up performing for local Scottish Country dances and events, attended fiddle camps and workshops immersing herself in every style of fiddling she could get her hands on, and studied closely with prolific Canadian fiddler and composer, Oliver Schroer. She has taught at fiddle camps and workshops throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, and in remote towns in Northern Canada. She has become a well-known advocate for teaching Schroer’s music, and being exceptionally gifted working with young children, beginners of all ages, and arranging music for large group ensembles. Chelsea was the well-loved Musical Director for Bad to the Bow Youth Fiddlers in Gibsons for 15 years. In 2016 she moved into the Rocky Mountains to Canmore, Alberta, where she is now building a quickly-expanding new community of enthusiastic new fiddlers.

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