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Myra Hirschberg

Myra Hirschberg

Tom Calwell and Myra Hirschberg ( are dance callers and teachers specializing in leading dances for community, corporate, civic and celebratory occasions for all ages and levels of experience. They teach contra, old time square dances, cajun, zydeco, waltz, hambo, family dances, ceilidhs, and barn dances. Tom and Myra have taught monthly cajun dances with Swamperella in Toronto and BobCajun in Peterborough. They hold contra dances in Peterborough with a variety of local musicians, including Flapjack and the Squirrel Hunters. They call regularly at numerous venues throughout Ontario and the United States.

Tom and Myra met The O’Schraves when they worked together at a Toronto Country Dancers contra dance in 2012, at which they invited the band to come to North Carolina, where they spend part of the year, to work with them at several dances in Western N.C., Tennessee and South Carolina. This led to an O’Schraves tour in this area in 2014 with Myra and Tom working with the band at several dances as well as arranging for the band to provide music for several other dances. AlgomaTrad is pleased to be able to introduce Tom and Myra to our community this year.

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