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A 15-foot, Prospector-style, red cedar-strip canoe is being constructed  at AlgomaTrad this year, under the direction of Steve Willoughby who helped AlgomaTrad campers handcraft a similar canoe in 2010. Here is a photo of the first AlgomaTrad canoe, which was made from white pine and was raffled off as part of an AlgomaTrad Fundraiser in 2011.

Canoe built at AlgomaTrad 2010

Canoe built at AlgomaTrad 2010

We are putting this year’s one-of-a-kind canoe, which will weigh 45-50lbs or 20-23 kilos, up for a sealed-bid auction item as a fundraiser for the AlgomaTrad organization. There is a $3500 reserve bid (these canoes can be worth over $5,000). Sealed bids are due by 7PM on Thursday, August 14, 2014, and will be opened during the AlgomaTrad Live Auction Fundraiser, which occurs on the same evening of Thursday, August 14. Sealed bids can be mailed to  AlgomaTrad, Attn. Canoe Bid, 340 Mckinnon Side Rd., Desbarats, ON P0R 1E0 (A MAILED BID MUST BE RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE AUGUST 14, 2014) or can be dropped off at the site of the Algoma Music Camp, 1249 F&G Line, Richards Landing, St. Joseph Island by 7PM, August 14, 2014. If a qualified bid is not received by August 14, 2014, AlgomaTrad will conduct a fundraising raffle for the canoe.  The winner of the first AlgomaTrad canoe  is extremely pleased to have won it in 2011, and has used it extensively since his retirement the same year. If you have any questions, please email us or call Julie or Pat at 705 257 6106.

2010 Canoe Raffle Winner Andre Guay of Sudbury

2010 Canoe Raffle Winner Andre Guay of Sudbury

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