AlgomaTrad 2014, August 10-17 + Fundraiser Auction, Thursday, August 14

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The 11th annual Algoma Traditional Music, Dance, and Arts Camp is just around the corner (Aug. 10-17) and we are gearing up for a fantastic week of music, dance, art, great staff, amazing food, and a super community of people of all ages. We are as full as we can possibly be and the week is sure to be inspiring in so many ways.

We wanted to let you all know that we will be holding our annual fundraising live/silent auction on Thursday, August 14th, with proceeds

Sidekick and Cowboy Jim

Sidekick and Cowboy Jim

going towards the Nicholas Bursary Fund which primarily helps to bring families and individuals to the camp whom might not otherwise be able to attend due to financial limitations. The fund also helps to make programming accessible to the public throughout the year. We are gratefully accepting donations to our in-house auction, and you can contact us by e-mail if you would like to support AlgomaTrad’s mandate to present family-accessible events and programs. We auction off camper-made items, art, services, disservices, massages, dinner, babysitting, hair braiding, holidays, etc! Otherwise, you may come to the funniest, most entertaining auction going on Thursday, July 14 at 7:15pm. Our hosts will be “Cowboy Jim” and “Sidekick”. You can see by the look on Sidekick’s face that there are some dumbfounding auction items!

Melanie's Window for AuctionHere is a wonderful example of a live auction item for this year’s event: Melanie,board member since 2004, has annually donated a stained glass window for the auction, and every year we are more and more in awe of her talents and creativity! Thank you Melanie!!

Stay tuned for more info in the coming days!

By the way, The O’Schraves had an amazing time at the Blissfest 2014 music festival near Harbour Springs, Michigan, the second weekend of July. We got an encore for our main stage concert and, immediately following this performance, legendary musician Peter Rowan walked backstage to prepare for his set and declared “Beautiful music!” Rowan is the composer of one of Pat’s all time favourite songs “Midnight Moonlight”.  Anyway, here are two artist rendering of Áine at Blissfest, one from 2004 and the other from 2014. The pencil drawing is by her brother Zach from a photo taken by her Maman Julie when she wasn’t yet 2 years old. The other was done by an unknown artist (we are going to work on finding out his name) who was doing amazing renditions of musicians as they were playing the mainstage. Cool!

Aine baby at Blissfest 2004.jpg compressed for web

Áine, Blissfest 2002

Aine-Blissfest painting 2014 rotatedAine-Blissfest painting 2014 rotatedAine-Blissfest painting 2014 rotated

Áine, Blissfest 2014

Áine, Blissfest 2014