November 10 – AlgomaTrad Dance in Desbarats

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AlgomaTrad Dance, Saturday, November 10. NEW LOCATION, Johnson Twp. Community Centre, Desbarats, 7:30PM. $10/person, $5/student, 8 and under free. Caller Dan Gorno, Music by the O’Schraves.  As usual beginners can learn the basic steps at 7:30, all you professionals can show up for 8pm.

The O'Schraves

Bunny ears on Dan Gorno

Dan Gorno

Update on Stepdancing Classes – The Stepdancing lessons with Ariel Hyatt began 2 weekends ago with some great students, old and new, attending classes in Richards Landing on Saturday and at the O’Schrave Ranch on Sunday. Ariel will be here for the next 5 weekends, so it is not too late to book a time and get started!

Ariel Hyatt