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Sheila Graziano

Sheila Graziano

Sheila discovered her passion for dance at an early age.  Rooted in ten years of tap dance lessons as a child, her enthusiasm grew with the discovery of Appalachian clogging and other forms of traditional dance.

Smitten with the art, Sheila devotes much of her time to continually developing her skills and knowledge of traditional dance, including Appalachian, Canadian, Celtic-inspired and historic American dance steps.   She was a founder and member of The Crosstown Cloggers, Crow’s Feet, and The CommonWealth Dance Collective.   Her solo dancing was a spotlight feature of The Raisin Pickers Stringband’s show for many years. She teaches ongoing lessons for adults and teenagers and presents workshops at various festivals and events.

She is also the dance instructor and choreographer for two performing high school groups in southeast Michigan (The Saline Fiddlers and Fiddlers ReStrung).    For more information, please to and click on the ‘step dance’ link.

Sheila is very committed to passing on the “common wealth” of knowledge of the dances and dance styles that she has learned over the years, and welcomes the opportunity to work with the AlgomaTrad campers this summer!

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