AlgomaTrad 2012 Open for Registrations!

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Our Calves

Paddy and Laddie

Springtime is here, AlgomaTrad headquarters (home of the O’Schraves) is celebrating the arrival of 2 calves, the crocuses are raising their wary heads,  the first buds are appearing on the trees AND it’s time to start planning the SUMMER!  So, folks, the bell has rung, the gates are open and it’s time to be off and running….straight for your AlgomaTrad registration.  Staff bios and pictures are up (there are a few more to come but we have been promising people since the beginning of March that the website will be updated SOOOOON !).  The camp runs from Sunday, August 12 to Sunday, August 19 this year.  You can register on line at our website  or there is a Registration form available as a PDF download if you prefer to register by mail.  Click here if you want to go straight to the registration page!

In 2012, we are welcoming back Shane Cook, Brian Pickell, Kimberley Holmes, James Stephens, Karen Light and Martha Cooper from the 2011 staff.  Sam Allison, who was a volunteer musician last year, will be on staff this year with his playing partner, Teillhard Frost, both of whom make up the old-time duo “Sheesham and Lotus”.  New to AlgomaTrad is the fantastic fiddler and piano player, Troy MacGillivray, who put on an amazing show with Shane this past January for one of our “AlgomaTrad Presents” concerts.  Jake Charron, who was last with us in 2009, is returning to pass on some more tasty piano and guitar licks.  New to the camp is Sheila Graziano, a wonderful stepdancer who we have known since we all taught together at the Goderich Celtic College over 10 years ago.  Sheila was artistic director of the Saline Celtic Festival in Michigan for many years and has collaborated often with our very own  Dan Gorno, so there should be some fun times  on the dance boards this year.  We are also excited to welcome whistle player extraordinaire, Loretto Reid, who hails originally from Sligo, Ireland, to the Camp for the first time.  You can see photos and read all about our teaching team by clicking  here.

Stay tuned, as there are a few more staff members to add to the website as we confirm some details.  We will also be letting you know about several volunteer staff who are attending the Camp this year.


Teillhard Frost and Sam Allison

Sheesham and Lotus

Sheesham and Lotus ( will be appearing in several “AlgomaTrad Presents” concerts in the Algoma Region at the end of May.  They are a duo that plays old-time and homegrown music with fiddles, banjos, jawharps, harmonicas, hambone, sousaphones and more…all in a super fun way which evokes a step back in time to the 30’s and 40’s when LOTS of folks made their own music. We will send you more info soon!