An October visit to St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters

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Denise Levac and Dana Whittle of trad Québec group Dentdelion were in Desbarats over the Thanksgiving weekend for a visit at the O’Shraves and decided to take an impromptu tour of the one and only St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters, located at the Outlook (end of the A line) on St. Joseph Island (or course!), escorted by local guide Aine Schryer-O’Gorman. St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters sells freshly roasted, fair trade and organic coffee beans varying from smooth, easy-going blends to intensely dark beans with a wake-you-up quick flavour. We were welcomed by the gracious and informative hosts/owners, Shane and Heather Hoffman, who showed us how it all works… and made us each (except Aine) a great cup of coffee to send us on our way in alert-mode! Coffee lovers, take note and make the worthwhile trip to buy some of the best!

St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters | | | 705-246-7093