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AlgomaTrad would like to acknowledge our sponsors for the AlgomaTrad 2021 Family Camp – all great businesses trying to do the best for their communities

SooToday is part of Village Media’s growing network of online news sites that are dedicated to providing local stories written by journalists who live and work in those communities. They are proud champions of local news and work diligently to deliver the news needed to help individuals stay engaged and informed.

ONEKA provides natural personal care products, made from organic plants grown on their farm in Frelighsburg, Québec, that are created out of a respect for the land and waterways that surround us.

Penokean Hills Farms (est. in 2005) was born out of the desire to grow what had become a declining (agricultural) industry in Algoma. Its original intent was to find ways to preserve the classical way of raising cattle, to be good stewards of both  land and animal, and to offer a premium product to the end consumers. We wanted a product that could purchased directly from area farms and bridge the food chain gap on a local level.

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