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Louis Schryer

louis schryerLouis Schryer is one of Canada’s most respected fiddle players and a true fiddling virtuoso. He was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. and began to play the fiddle at 8 years old with his triplet brother’s Pierre and Dan, under the guidance of their older siblings Julie and Raymond. The Schryer family has been a force in the world of Canadian fiddling for over 40 years. Louis received training in both classical and traditional music. He went on to earn a bachelor of music degree from the University of Ottawa in April 1994. As an adult, Louis is highly respected as a performer, teacher, judge, composer, recording artist and all round great guy… a musician who generously gives of himself and his extraordinary abilities.aaaptriplets

As a competitor in the the Canadian Old-Time Fiddle world he is the only 8-time Canadian Open Fiddle Champion and the only fiddler to have won the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Championship 4 times  Like his brothers, Louis is well versed in many styles of fiddling…Old Time, French, Celtic, Swing Jazz, Country, Classical, and more. Louis has taught at the Grand Master Fiddle Camp and the Leahy Fiddle Camp numerous times and has been a judge at the Pembroke Fiddle and Stepdance Contest, arguably the premier Canadian Old-Time contest in Canada, for many years. He has recorded four CDs of his own and is featured on the CDs of many top country recording artists. Louis  and he plays all styles of fiddle music. He teaches fiddle and is a full-time high school teacher in Chapeau, Que.